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Drug Databases

Our drug data solutions provide clinicians, pharmacists, payers and pharmaceutical companies with a broad array of application-specific drug information designed to increase their efficiency and help them enhance patient care. From databases with drug product and pricing information, to clinical decision support databases that identify drug conflicts, to consumer-oriented information written to help educate patients about their drug therapy, we have a database for most applications’ needs across the healthcare continuum.

Core Drug Databases

Our core drug databases offer prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drug product descriptive data, including: drug name, strength, therapeutic class, National Drug Code (NDC) or Canadian Drug Identification Number (DIN), our proprietary Generic Product Identifier (GPI) and much more. Drug pricing information is also available in our U.S.-based drug file.

Cross-Reference Files

Our cross-reference files provide crosswalks between multiple industry standard terminologies and classification systems and those that are proprietary to Medi-Span.

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Clinical Data

Medi-Span provides a number of clinical files or modules intended to support safety screening, clinical decision support, and other functions across healthcare applications.

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Supplemental Files

Medi-Span provides a variety of drug file supplements, enabling you to license content relevant to your particular needs.

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Pricing Solutions

Medi-Span is the market leader dedicated to providing drug pricing data.

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Patient Information Modules

Medi-Span offers information to assist clinicians in educating patients about their drug therapy.

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Integrated Reference Modules

Medi-Span offers professional reference information that can be embedded into healthcare applications at the point of care.

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